Knowing the Difference Between Alternator and Starter

Knowing the Difference Between Alternator and Starter

When your car doesn’t start in the morning, the first thought that comes to our mind is – the battery is dead, which might not be the case. If you love the long drives that you take in your car, you should also know it well and have basic knowledge of the automobile spare parts. If your car Lucas TVS Starter or Valeo Alternator parts, you must know that there are many service centres to help you, but knowing about your car’s maintenance helps tremendously. There are various automobile spare parts involved in the starting of a vehicle. Alternator, starter, battery, and spark plug can be considered as four key components. Let’s discuss alternators and starters today.

Most of us think that the battery provides the electrical energy required by a car to function. The fact is, the alternator is the one doing so. It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy for the car to use. Starters work completely opposite. They convert the electrical energy of the car into mechanical energy.

Starters and alternators wear out with time, hence, need replacement. Alternators usually fail when the charging systems have higher electrical demands. Keep a regular check on the alternator as the symptoms of failure are not always visible. On the other hand, fuel injection has increased the life of starters.

Difference between Alternator and Starters

An alternator is an electrical machine. Its function is to charge the battery on a regular basis. However, if the battery is dead, the alternator cannot charge it. It regulates voltage and supplies power used to operate the car. The electricity used by various parts of the car is generated by the alternator; not by the battery which we usually believe.

It is connected to the engine with the help of a belt. With the start of the engine, the alternator generates electricity which is used to recharge the car battery.

Usually, alternators do not show any sign of damage; they can suddenly stop working without any warning. One indication which can highlight the alternator problem is the indicator light which turns on when the former is not able to charge the battery. The normal life span of an alternator is 8-12 years.

The starter is an electric motor placed on the side of the engine. Bendix Mechanism is used here. This automatically allows the pinion gear to engage the flywheel of the engine. Starter rotates and starts the engine. The name actually suits best as the starter sounds exactly what it does. It starts the car.

Hence, the basic indication of a starter not functioning properly is when the engine takes time to start.

Few Signs of a Bad Alternator

  • ALT light turns on – could be flickering in the beginning
  • Headlights and dashboard lights go dim
  • Foul smell – like that of burning rubber – this is the belt which gets damaged
  • Weird noise – an alternator could make a grinding noise when it is about to break down
  • Engines have a starting problem

Few Signs of a Bad Starter

  • Weird noise – with the start key a clicking sound indicates trouble with the starter
  • The car doesn’t start – the dashboard lights turn on but the car doesn’t start
  • The engine does not start even after jumpstart

If the alternator or starter is a concern, take your car to the service station because ultimately this might damage the battery and other electrical parts of your car. Know your vehicle well to take care of it well enough!

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