All You Need To Know About Solenoids

All You Need To Know About Solenoids

With a simple press of a button or a turn of a key, we can operate our automobiles. This simple action lets the engine roar into action, utilizing the power from an internal combustion reaction. Your engine starting so easily is due to the solenoid of your vehicle.
Today, let us learn all about solenoids and how they operate.

What is a Solenoid?

Numerous automobile parts work in unison to start your vehicle. When your automobile roars into action, the solenoid is one of the responsible components. A solenoid, one of the most important automobile spare parts, is positioned between the engine and the ignition module.

Solenoids are also commonly known as starter relays or starter solenoids. This automobile spare part obtains large electrical currents from your battery and smaller electrical currents from the ignition system. The action takes place every time the key is turned or pressed.
A solenoid closes the two metal points or contacts when the key turns. During this process, the solenoid dispatches to the starter motor from the ignition. This chain of electrical reactions initiates the overall combustion engine. The solenoid is equivalent to the first spark that starts the engine, allowing all the other components and mechanical parts to work together.

Where Is A Solenoid Located?

Depending on your automobile’s model and make, the placement of your solenoid can vary. Generally, solenoids are near the starter motors, attached to other starter elements such as the starter control terminal and starter gear.

What is a starter motor, you might inquire? This automobile spare part is an electric and magnetic motor attached to the battery of your vehicle. The design of this part is to accept low current power and start moving the starter gear. It again turns to commence a bigger electrical response and the entire engine.

Some cars have solenoids somewhere else in the entire engine section. Nevertheless, we can always find the solenoid between the area of ignition and the engine. You must check the manual to know about the solenoid’s location according to the make and model.

Why Is A Solenoid Important?

A Solenoid is a vital car element because it permits your ignition system to get to the starter motor and make your car turn on in the first place.

Without the solenoid, your key wouldn’t start your car in the first place. You must know you can still begin the automobile by interacting with the battery and starter motor. But initiating the car in this method requires you to open your vehicle’s hood before each drive. It might be impossible, based on the car’s engine bay.

Therefore, ensuring that your automobile spare part, solenoid, is functioning is essential. It’s vital if you intend to enjoy the comfort of key-turning ignition.

How Do Solenoids Work?

A small move sparks a small electrical current when you turn the keys into the ignition. This current is sent to the starter solenoid from the ignition switch. The solenoid accepts the current; it seals a couple of metallic contacts. These contacts forward a considerably bigger electrical current throughout them and reach the starter motor. The starter motor obtains the current and sets the engine in action.

The active solenoid uses a plunger lever, causing pinion into a meshed place with a part named ring gear, closing them together. The ring gear is important because it discourages the starter motor from turning to unsafe speeds.

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