5 Tractor Spare Parts You Need for Preventative Maintenance

The main goal of preventive maintenance of tractors is to lessen the likelihood of equipment failure, reduce unexpected downtime, and enhance efficiency. While there’s a long list of issues that can go sideways with your tractor, it helps to have the right automobile spare parts handy to make the necessary repairs and get back to work without delay. Here’s a look at the top automobile components you need to have as a backup if anything goes wrong.

5 Tractor Spare Parts You Need for Preventative Maintenance

Top Automobile Components You Need For Preventive Maintenance!

1. Filters

Tractors often face wear and tear throughout the day due to many variables-dirt and debris, sun, wind, and more. When your filters get dirty or there is a leakage, it’s essential to get them fixed or replaced immediately- after all, one small chip can cause significant damage to the core component. You’ll need an extra oil filter and fuel filter to ensure complete protection and enhanced performance.

Sign Your Filters Need to Get Changed!

  • Unusual Engine Sounds
  • Reduced Horsepower
  • Reduced fuel capacity

2. Engine Oil

Engine oil is the foundation of a smooth-running automotive engine. As you continue to drive the vehicle, the oil in your engine will eventually wear out or become contaminated. When this happens, it becomes less effective in absorbing heat and can cause many issues down the road if it’s taken care of immediately. With genuine tractor spares and quality engine oil, you can prolong the life of your engine and improve overall oil circulation.

3. Grease Fittings

Grease fitting caps snap securely over the grease fittings to prevent moisture and dirt. However, these caps need frequent replacement and must be on the top of your maintenance checklist. Although small, a jerk or grease fitting cap can contaminate the inside of your engine and cause serious issues. Hence, it is best to keep spare fittings around to easily replace broken ones and keep the vehicle in pristine condition.

4. Coolants

Most modern tractors use coolants, radiators, and fans to ensure that the engine system doesn’t overheat. When your tractor works for a long time and in varying temperature conditions, it is crucial to check if the cooling system is working in good condition. A broken or inefficient cooling system can cause irreversible damage to your core engine. Hence, you should keep automobile components, such as coolants and fluids, to ensure that your tractor performs well even in harsh weather conditions.

5. Service Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors are a crucial automobile component that helps in enhancing the performance of your tractor. The injectors have a special nozzle that injects fuel directly into the engine’s air stream. If the fuel injector is clogged or dirty, it may lead to an irregular fuel supply and inefficient combustion. Hence, it helps to have fuel injectors tools handy to ensure a smooth operation.

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