5 Must-have Tools You Need to Carry in Your Vehicle

Anything can happen at any point of time- Do you agree with the statement? Well, being a car owner means you can simply travel the world on your own while at the same time it even means the situation can get worsened when you expect the least. God forbidden when all of a sudden your car breaks down or runs into trouble and there is no mechanic nearby, how will you deal with the situation?

First of all, you do need to be a mechanic to get home or to the nearest repair shop in a proper way. Here I would like to mention few things or automotive parts you need to carry in your car trunk that will help you effectively during such unexpected situations.

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Life hammer

If you ask me in personal, this small item could be a life saver literally. All you need to do is keep near the driver’s seat with the help of velcro or double-sided tape. In case, if your car falls underwater, you can easily escape by cutting the seatbelt and breaking the window. On and all, life hammer is such an automotive spare part that makes getting out quick and easier.

Screwdriver Set

Things could come lose, even in the most modern cars. So it is always advisable to have a screwdriver set that can offer a simple tightening for loose or disconnected sections. Unlike bosch electrical, screwdrivers are pretty handy in nature and can offer quick tightening whether the problem is from vibration, age or any other reasons.

Duct Tape

This may sound pretty simple but a duct tape can fix numerous issues, be it from damaged body work to temporary emergency fixes on hoses and several other parts. On the contrary, a duct tape can patch your car back together long enough so that you can easily limp it to a repair shop and save bucks on the tow truck.

Tire Pressure Gauge

This is one of the basic yet essential automobile parts that needs to be used pretty often, at least a week. Keeping an eye on your tire can effectively maximize your gas mileage. Just buy a dial-faced gauge instead of those cheap stick-type ones and I am sure you will be safe from those underinflation-related blow-outs.

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No matter how big or small your ride is, it is always advisable to think of all kind of troubles and have a flashlight. However, during the day time the road might happen to be bright, sunny but what if things go wrong in the night? Keep a set of Bosch electricals or spares in the car and keep changing their batteries on the regular basis.