Top 5 Reasons Your Car Engine Stops Suddenly

The less you care for your car and its spare parts, the more trouble can cause or create. One of the major car issues caused by this is when the car engine stops suddenly. This is amongst the most dreaded situations when driving a car. If you have passengers or friends with you, then you at least have some company to sort it out with but imagine you are travelling at night, alone and the engine stops. You’ll be left stranded without any help.

People feel that older cars have this problem but these problems are more so often observed in new cars. To know how to avoid the sudden stopping of the engine, you need to know the reasons behind this problem. We have starters from leading and renowned brands like Lucas TVS. Due to this, we can educate you on our experience. Below, we have mentioned a few reasons that cause the sudden halt of the engine, making your car unable to move.

Top 5 Reasons Your Car Engine Stops SuddenlyReasons That Can Make An Engine Stop Suddenly

Before we begin letting you know the reasons, you need to know that a sudden stop in the running engine is extremely dangerous and can cause some serious and fatal accidents, especially when the engine stops when you are driving at a very high speed.

1. Overheated Engine

Every car has a range of heat it can take. But if you are thinking about how the heat can even enter inside the engine, you should know that it’s quite natural. When the fuel burns, heat energy is produced from the chemical energy. The engine further converts it into mechanical energy and moves it forward to the other car parts and automobile spare parts. But when the heat energy crosses the range of an engine’s tolerance, its piston will start melting. This causes a sudden halt.

2. Inadequate Transmission Fluid

The level of transmission fluid required can differ from engine to engine. To know the adequate amount of transmission fluid required, you need to refer to your car’s manual. Try to keep the transmission fluid levels right to avoid a sudden halt.

3. Choked Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter helps keep the exhaust clean. However, there are many impurities in the fuel and the converter cannot handle all of it. Due to this, the catalytic converter gets choked. For this, the engine starts working harder and faces an overload. This results in a stall. You can anticipate such a stall with rattling and vibrations in the engine.

4. Electrical Issues in Ignition/Computer

The starter of a car also is a crucial reason behind a halt. This is a major problem with modern and hybrid cars. The starter can send in mixed signals to the computer, causing the engine to shut down. Try installing a Lucas TVS starter to avoid this problem. Also, have your wiring checked regularly.

5. Loose Engine Bolts

This does not happen as often as the other problems. Your engine can start vibrating, followed by malfunctioning when the engine bolts of your car are loose. But what causes them to be loose? Well, the screws can get loose due to the normal wear and tear of the engine, caused due to the regular use of a vehicle. This can make the engine enter into a self-destruction mode and thus halt it.

More so often, the problems are related to the spare parts and not the engine, thus it is a no-brainer to understand that you need to install quality automobile spare parts in order to let the car run flawlessly without any breakdown. If you are looking for starters, then consider installing Lucas TVS starters, in order to have a smooth and longer functioning of your car. Get in touch with the leading Lucas TVS dealer with KAE. Call us at +91 98 25063530 to know more!