New Versus Rebuilt Alternators- Which One Should You Choose?

New Versus Rebuilt Alternators- Which One Should You Choose?

If twenty years ago someone would have told you to install a rebuilt alternators, then you would have found it to be bizarre as the concept of a rebuilt alternators did not exist. But things have changed in recent years. With the advent of rebuilt alternators, people are having cheaper options while choosing an alternator for their car or other vehicles, other than the branded ones like Valeo alternator or Delco Remy alternator.

The rebuilt alternators have newly installed springs, bearings, diedo trio, slip rings and a voltage regulator. After replacing these elements, the case of the alternator is sand-blasted and assembled again, making it ready to be tested.

The local rebuilders can be divided into two types:

  • Refurbishing with high-quality parts
  • Refurbishing with low-quality parts

Are Refurbished Alternators and Good?

There are many garage owners who will suggest you an unknown brand’s alternator to be installed in your vehicle. Such suggestions are only made when you insist to cut down costs with the repairs. But there are are many refurbished alternators that are branded, i.e., they are cheap and are refurbished by a reputed brand such as Valeo or Delco Remy alternators. This makes their refurbished alternators a bit more reliable than the unknown ones.

Why Should You Choose a Brand While Buying an Alternator?

While purchasing an alternator, people wonder if it is worth to buy from a branded name. We, being leading automobile spare parts supplier of some great brands like Valeo alternator and Delco Remy alternator, will suggest you that you always install a new and branded alternator in your car, in case of an alternator failure.

There are many vehicles who work on heavy duty and require prompt services. Such vehicles include ambulance, fire trucks and buses, that require a prompt movement with no breakdown while on duty. A branded alternator will provide a good strength and precision to work long hours.

Top Brands in India to Choose From

There are certain brands that are the most preferred among car manufacturers and producers, to make their cars to have an unmatched performance. We have mentioned a few brands that are the leader in providing superior alternators in the Indian market.

  • Bosch Electrical Alternator

Bosch is a European company that is well-known for providing high-quality automobile spare parts for decades. They began their journey in the automobile spare parts industry in 1927.

  • Valeo Alternator and Starter

Valeo provides quality alternators and starters for all generation cars. Brands like Ford, Fiat, Hyundai, Maruti, Toyota and more rely on Valeo Alternators.

  • Delco Remy Heavy Duty Alternators

Delco Remy alternators are generally used in heavy-duty vehicles. They are highly sturdy and provides the required strength to the heavy-duty vehicles.

  • Lucas TVS

Lucas TVS is a joint venture between the British company Lucas Plc., and the Indian company, TVS. Automobile spare parts of Lucas TVS is used in many equipments and passenger vehicles.

How Should You Find Quality Alternators at Reasonable Prices?

There are a few suppliers in India that provide branded and quality alternators at a slightly reasonable price but you need to know how you should choose among them. While picking the ideal distributor, you should look for a company that has a remarkable reputation in providing better automobile spare parts. Such a distributor will have good expertise and knowledge and can help you pick the most suitable automobile spare parts, according to your vehicle and model. Choose Krishna Auto Electric. We have helped many in having superior quality products at great deals. Call us on +91 98 25063530 to inquire more about our products!