Signs for Alternator Failure

The alternator of your car generates the electrical current throughout your car’s electrical components. It’s a round piece of machinery that helps in spinning the belt, that goes around the engine. In lieu of an alternator breakdown, your car might not operate properly. There will be little to no power for your headlights, interior lights, heater, air conditioning, and every other element. The electricity is still needed to turn on the ignition.

Before a complete shutdown, the alternator shows a few signs that you should not miss. We have mentioned the signs that you should look for while checking for alternator failure.

Signs for Alternator FailureSigns of Failure

1. Warning Indicator

There are many cars that have an exclusive indicator to give a warning that the alternator is not working. This will help you to make a quick decision and drive to a garage, without your car shutting down completely.

2. Flickering Headlights

Let your car take a Headlight test. A headlight test requires you to put your car on ignition and have someone look at your headlight in order to assess the condition of the alternators. The alternator is not well if,

a. The headlights are dim
b. The headlights are out
c. The headlights are brighter

So basically any condition that is different from normal suggests that the alternator is not well. These problems can occur with any alternator but to avoid these problems to re-occur in a short span of time, install a Valeo Alternator. Valeo Alternator Parts are high in quality and offer unmatched performance.

3. Irregular Noises

Irregular noises from your car should certainly be a matter of concern for you. When you encounter these irregular noises, it is a sign that your alternator bearings have failed. Specifically, there are two sounds you should look for:

a. Rattling sound
b. Clunking sound

4. Other Electrical Problems

The alternator on its end of the lifespan can cause other electrical problems to your car. If your alternator is not well then the electrical components of your car start wearing off and become slow.

5. Dead Battery

This is the biggest indicator to ascertain the alternator problem. Batteries of your car can fail due to several reasons, one of them being an alternator failure. Alternators are responsible for keeping the battery running. So if the alternator fails, it will not be able to wake the battery up, making the battery drain out of the battery.

6. Stalling and not Starting

If the alternator fails to provide enough power, the engine will not be able to generate enough power to start your car, so it will keep stalling.

7. Prevention is Better Than Cure

Keep a regular check on your engine and alternator to avoid these signs and keep the alternator in fine condition. This will help you from the day you will be stranded on the road, looking for a tow car.

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