What is Causing the Problem: Truck Battery or Alternator?

What is Causing the Problem: Truck Battery or Alternator?

A truck is a complicated vehicle with numerous automobile spare parts in it. So it is difficult to find the spare part that is causing the problem when something goes wrong. But there are generally two components that are responsible for a truck failure. These components are a truck battery or alternator.

Here we have presented a few tricks that can help you ascertain as to which automobile spare part is causing the problem between the Truck battery and the alternator.

Diagnose Your Battery First!

Batteries have a life of 3 to 5 years so if your battery is older than 3 years and is not holding the charge or does not work with as much efficiency as it should, you must consider changing it. Also, it is pretty common in winter for the batteries to discharge so try to get the battery fluids changed when you face such a problem.

Signs of Battery Failure

  1. When the engine makes a ‘click’ sound on ignition then the problem is with the battery.
  2. The battery can temporarily die.
  3. If your headlights keep getting dim or flickering, it’s a sign of battery failure.
  4. Your battery voltage should be around 12.6 volts when the truck is in resting mode and between 14 to 15 when it is in ignition mode. If the voltage is anywhere low, then it can cause problems in your car.
  5. Sometimes a battery cannot work as it forms corrosion or loose connection with other connected wires. This makes the car run inefficiently.

Diagnose Your Alternator?

The majority of the trucks use Delco Remy alternators but even if you use other ones, there are a few things that can definitely help you know that the problem is with the Alternators. Delco Remy alternators or alternators, in general, are responsible for keeping the battery charged and working. When the alternator fails, this means that the battery is not keeping up with the rate of charge received. This can be due to many factors.

Signs of Alternator Failure

  1. When the engine produces a ‘whining’ sound then the problem is with the alternator.
  2. When you sense a scent of hot wires or burning rubber then the problem is with the alternator and not the battery. This smell is caused when the alternator overheats due to pushing a lot through the rotor and stator.
  3. Try to run your truck and unplug the battery’s positive connection. If the truck stops after this then the problem is with the alternator.
  4. Another easy way to know if the problem is with the alternator is to check the interior lights. If the alternator is at fault then the dashboard and interior lights will come on brightly and then will slowly fade.

Try to get the professionals to look into your truck’s battery and alternator as the professionals know better. Checking might be absolutely free and does not take long. If you find a problem with your truck’s alternators then do ask the professionals to simply replace the alternator with Delco Remy alternators.

The system of a car’s working is pretty much the same as the truck’s but is less complicated. So our guide can also help you to ascertain the problems with your car as well. If you find a problem with the car alternators then you can use Valeo alternators for your car.

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