UNO Minda Switches

UNO Minda Switches: Growing Demand & Innovation

The increasing demand for passenger safety, and convenience makes vehicle manufacturers constantly focus on creating new design experiences. The transformative change from the usage of mechanical parts to electronic parts is greatly anticipated to increase the demand for automotive switches, such as the UNO Minda switches, in the near future.

When planning to invest in automotive switches, UNO Minda is one of the first global brands to consider. The company has been supplying best-in-class switches to many original equipment manufacturers for over six decades.

The UNO Minda Switch Division is one of the biggest manufacturers of two-wheeler switches in the world. The division has a significant share of business in all Indian two-wheeler OEMs. It offers high-quality switches for off-road, two-, and three-wheeler vehicles at affordable prices.

This article discusses the growing demand for automotive switches and how UNO Minda switches have been catering to the needs of its clients and end users.

The Rising Demand for Automotive Switches

Although switches are not the most expensive part of automotive electronics, they are one of the most critical components in an automobile. They control different functions of an automobile, including ignition, lights, and mirror controls.

Vehicle manufacturers are investing in automotive switches to offer comfortable and safe settings inside buses, trucks, cars, and other vehicles. This is being witnessed in response to customers’ demand for more user-friendly switches and other electronic technologies.

Thus, to align with the changing consumer behaviour, companies such as UNO Minda are contributing to different types of easy-to-handle automotive switches in the market.

According to resources, UNO Minda is financing approximately 300 Crores in augmenting its manufacturing capacity of 4W automotive switches and alloy wheels to meet the rising demand of Indian and international clients.

Mindarika Private Limited, a key subsidiary of UNO Minda Limited, is establishing a new manufacturing plant in Farrukhnagar in Gurugram, Haryana. The 110-crore worth project is anticipated to be completed by September 2023.

The Demand for Automatic Automotive Switches

As technology is advancing in multifaceted ways, automotive switches are no exception. They are gaining immense popularity due to the convenience of functioning without human intervention. They reduce the distraction of drivers and enhance the safety feature.

Sensors play a crucial role in activating automatic switches. In general, these are installed in high-end passenger cars. For instance, when a vehicle crosses a tunnel or experiences sudden rainfall, the light switch will turn on according to the ambient light conditions. There are several applications of automatic switches to enhance passenger driving experience and safety.

As the installation of automotive switches in vehicles is rising, the global automotive switches market is forecasted to grow in the near future.

Why Choose UNO Minda Switches

UNO Minda switches come in various shapes, sizes, and functions that suit the requirements of different vehicle designs. Some of the most commonly used switches are:

  • Starter Switch
  • Ignition Switch
  • Headlight Switch
  • Turn Signal Switch
  • Wiper Switch

These switches are crucial as each one protects against overheating, overload, and short circuits. The reliability and outstanding custom design capabilities of UNO Minda Switches Division make it the first choice among OEMs. These switches are designed to withstand the harsh environments modern vehicles face and are backed by technical innovation.

UNO Minda Switches – Innovation

UNO Minda Switch Division took an innovative initiative by developing chrome-plated panel switches for Piaggio’s VESPA-946.

Chrome-plated switches were once used for high-end two-wheelers from brands such as Harley Davidson. But today, the demand has shifted to its extensive use, and UNO Minda switches met this change with its technical innovation. VESPA-946 is a premium scooter with robust craftsmanship and aesthetics.

UNO Minda specially designed a switch that is split into two halves. The outside case cover serves as a bezel. For the first time, the concept of a blinker module was devised, which supports insulation resistance up to 1,000,00 cycles. This makes the UNO Minda switches highly reliable for the user.

Similarly, UNO Minda Four Wheeler Switch Division developed “steering switches” installed on a car’s steering wheel. The company launched these switches to reduce human effort and enable drivers to operate the vehicle without taking their hands off the steering wheel, improving comfort and safety.

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