Auto Electrical Spare Parts

Understanding Auto Electrical Spare Parts And Their Use

In modern automobiles, various parts operate via electricity while some features function on petrol/diesel. It is not a fact unknown that charging systems are the primary electrical system in any vehicle. The charging system includes a battery, alternator, and a voltage regulator. Other than these, various other electrical components are installed in the machine. These components form the power source for other related electrical parts in the vehicle.

Even though voltage regulators in vehicles are included in the alternator, (which are meant to convert energy) several components depend on the electrical system of the machine.

Are you confused about the auto electrical spare parts? Do not worry; we are here to clear all your confusion today. Let us dive into the definition, function, applications, components, and working of the vehicle’s auto electrical system. We hope the article helps you to understand your needs better.

Understanding Auto Electrical Parts and their Functions

Below are the main functions of a vehicle’s electrical system:

  • The primary responsibility of a vehicle’s electrical system is to create, store, and provide electrical energy to the variety of electrical components of a vehicle.
  • It controls all major electrical components of a vehicle.
  • Lastly, a well-organised and high-functioning auto electrical system helps to keep car devices in healthy working condition and improve their life.

Now that you are familiar with the key role of an electrical system in a vehicle, let us discuss the significance of significant auto electrical spare parts of a machine.


A magneto ignition system is an ignition system that uses magneto as its central source of power to generate high voltage electricity. The current induced is further utilised in running vehicles and other critical electrical components of the system.

The magneto is an amalgamation of a generator and distributor combined as one functional unit. This makes a magneto different from a regular distributor that generates energy without external voltage. A series of rotating magnets is installed to break an electrical field. The rotation creates an electrical current in the primary windings of the coils. The current multiplies when it is transferred to the secondary windings of the coil. This is because there are more windings in the secondary circuit of the coil as compared with the primary circuit. It then causes the multi-charged magneto to cause a spark at a higher voltage than the one created in the primary windings.


A battery is a highly crucial component of a vehicle’s charging system. It serves as the house of electrical power for the automobile. The engine starter motor is always in direct contact with the positive terminal of the battery. It helps to start the engine and get it running. When the engine starts running, the alternator is responsible for directly charging the battery.

Most car batteries are designed to generate power for the various electrical components even when the engines are off.

Voltage Regulator

The voltage regulator is a component of an automobile which is responsible for controlling the alternator’s power output. The voltage regulator is located chiefly in the alternator, which regulates the charging voltage produced by the alternator. Its task is to maintain the voltage between 13.5 and 14.5 volts to protect connected electrical parts from damage.

Nowadays, auto electrical parts manufacturers provide ECU to sense the needs of the battery. ECU is responsible for controlling the voltage supplied to the various car parts. The warning light on the dashboard of the vehicle shows that something is not right with the charging system.


An alternator is one of the most essential and vital parts of an electrical charging system. The electricity that is channelised to the automobile’s battery comes from the alternator, and the current it produces is called alternating current (AC). The AC power generated is instantly converted to direct current (DC) as all automobiles use a 12-volt DC.

All batteries need charging when the charge runs out. Therefore, a dead battery does not mean that the battery is damaged or dysfunctional. This is the reason why alternators are also checked when an engine does not start.

All the above-mentioned car components are highly significant for a machine to run smoothly. Therefore, if any of these parts malfunction or retires in future, you can always replace them with auto electrical spare parts. You do not have to spend loads of money repairing the car part again and again or purchasing a new vehicle.

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