Difference Between OEM & Genuine Automobile Spare Parts

Every vehicle needs routine maintenance and automobile part replacement for optimum performance. However, using counterfeit automobile spares or wrong OEM parts can become dangerous for the safety of the passengers. The current automobile market hosts many manufacturing brands. Understanding the functionality of OEM and automobile parts will ensure that you choose the right part for the optimal functionality of your vehicle. Here’s a guide outlining the difference between both the replacement parts for a quality driving experience.

OEM & Genuine Automobile Spare Parts

Fundamental Ways OEM & Genuine Automobile Spares Differ!

Functionality And Aesthetics

If your vehicle is experiencing wear and tear due to driving, it’s time for a replacement. An OEM functions in the same way as the original part. It has the same make, model, and manufacturer as the previous part.

On the other hand, genuine automobile components may look different from the original part but perform the same function. These are brand-new spare parts made by other manufacturers but offer the same or superior performance depending on your needs.


When you compare both automobile products, usually OEMs are expensive. Prices of OEMs can be as high as 60% of that of genuine automobile spares. Replacing these parts can help you save on your repair bill and is a cost-saving option that is as safe and effective as OEMs. Working with a quality automobile spare part manufacturer, you can get the best genuine spare parts that suit your budget and quality requirements.

Quality And Performance

Most people assume that OEMs are naturally superior in performance and quality. In reality, genuine automobile parts offer the same or premium quality. Reputable manufacturers reverse engineer the components and eliminate the weaknesses. For instance, when designing a brake pad, you may want a balance between longevity and practicality. With genuine automobile spares, you may find a brake pad with all these features at a lower rate. Furthermore, all the spare parts are tested by experts to provide quality assurance.

Availability And Reliability

The best thing about using genuine automobile spares is that they are readily available. Since there are many manufacturing brands, you can choose one that best suits your car model. OEM parts can be tough to find as many companies can discontinue the model or have limited dealerships. Furthermore, there are specialized brands that have expertise in manufacturing specific parts for the best driving experience. Many varieties mean better selection with a range of prices.

Best Practices When Shopping For Automotive Components!

When choosing between OEMs and genuine automotive products, there are certain things you should research to get the best option for your car. Here are some essential tips to help you find the best automotive components:

  • Look beyond tempting offers and research the manufacturer’s details.
  • Ensure that you compare all the products. Research all the types of markets that are offering you the product and compare the suggested prices.
  • If you are thinking about buying OEM parts, note the OEM part number and call the authorized service center to check its authenticity.
  • Check whether the spare parts have a warranty period.

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