4 Signs to Spot a Bad Starter

The small electrical device commonly known as a Starter motor is used to provide power to the engine within a span of milliseconds. It basically consists of coils that turn the carbon brushes to rub with the interiors right before sending the current. Now just like any other electrical system, it is possible for your starter to experience some issues and compel you to buy a new vehicle. What are those indicators that show a breakdown of your starter?

Sign #1

Grinding noise – Once the starter drive gear is worn, it will ultimately start producing a grinding or an irritating noise. I am sure you must have heard such noise before especially if you already have started your engine and accidentally hit the starter again.

Sign #2

Freewheeling – When you crank the engine and hear a whining kind of noise from the starter without cracking the engine, this means your starter is facing some kind of problem and the gear is not engaging with the flywheel. Thus, you need a good quality replacement like Valeo Starter.

Sign #3

Do you see some kind of smoke, if so your vehicle needs an immediate concern regarding the starter. The rising of the smoke usually means too much power is being drawn through a state where the reason could be anything, either because the starter is shorted or has been in operation for too long.

Sign #4

Many Lucas TVS Starters are located around the bottom of the engine and this makes them vulnerable to soak, especially from the leaks of the engine oil. Experts say an oil-soaked starter is likely to have a short life.

In a nutshell

There is no sense in checking these automotive components especially when you aren’t much well-versed with them. All you can do is simply get in touch with our professionals and leave the rest to us.