A Look at Automobile Spare Parts Glossary

An automobile spare part is a component that can be interchanged and kept as an inventory that can be further used for repairs of units, not in working condition. They are an important aspect of supply chain management and mastermind engineering.

Capital spare parts have a long life with much less chance of failure. The shutdown of capital spare pare would take a long time for its replacement.

The spare parts are the outcome of the huge industrial development of replacement parts and bulk production.

Automobile Spare Parts

Spare Parts are Classified Into Repairable and Consumable:

If we observe, there is a difference in the cost of ordering a replaced part and the cost of replacing a part that is not working. If the cost of repairing is higher than the cost of replacing the part, then it is economical to replace the failed part instead of incurring the repairing cost.

  • Repairable:

Repairable auto spare parts can be repaired rather than completely replaced. They are designed to be modular and require affordable maintenance. This enables the parts to be easily removed, repaired, and replaced at a cheaper cost.

  • Consumable:

Spare parts that cannot be repaired are called consumables. They are available at a lower cost and in large volumes.

  • Automobile Spare Part Industry

The automobile industry in India has indirectly led to the rise of automobile spare parts industry in the country. India is gradually becoming an outsourcing destination on an international level for manufacturing different automobile components.

The automobile spare parts sector is growing slowly but steadily. It has turned out to be an important manufacturing hub for automobile components due to various reasons:

  • It is a very old foundation of the manufacturing industry in India
  • Cheap labour and ready availability of raw materials make India cost-competitive.
  • Leading global automobile component manufacturers operate from India.
  • It manufactures world-class quality automobile spare parts.
  • IPOs are established in India by both spare parts manufacturers and automobile makers.

Types of Automobile Spare Parts

There are different types of automobile spare parts available. For example, some essential spare parts are explained briefly, such as gears, nuts, bolts, auto electrical parts, brakes, engines, fuel lines, supports, etc.

Engine: Among all the automobile parts, the engine is an essential component for the smooth functioning of an automobile. There are different types of engines in different vehicles, such as 3-stroke, electrical engines, 4-stroke cylinder engines, etc.

Drive axle: It is an essential spare part as it mobilises the vehicle by transferring power from the transmitter to the tires of the automobile. It receives this power from its engine.

Gearbox: The gearbox has two categories, namely automatic and manual. In the modern world, most cars have an automatic gearbox, which is more convenient in comparison to a manual.

Brakes: It is a very important spare part as your vehicle won’t halt without it. Brakes are applied so that they can slow down the automobile.

Oil filters: The oil filter filters the motor oil, which is used to lubricate the internal parts of the automobile. This filter then goes to the engine.

Importance of Using Good Quality Auto Spare Parts

It is very important to make use of good quality automobile spare parts as it aids in your safety and security. Low-quality and cheap spare parts are not made per industry standards and specifications. Such products lead to frequent repairs. They also cause damage to the essential components of your vehicle, like the engine, moreover damaging the vehicle. This increases your maintenance and repair costs.

Duplicate or fake parts have very bad effects on the automobile. They increase the risk of accidents. It has also been found that these counterfeit or duplicate spares are certified and look as if they are original, so one must be careful before replacing their automobile spare parts.

If you want the same performance of your vehicle as it was at the time when you bought it, then use reliable and good quality spares, which enhance the life of the automobile and optimise the engine’s performance.

You must buy from suppliers with a good market reputation, industry experience, and expertise in manufacturing automobile spare parts.

Essential Things to Know About Auto Spare Parts

Genuine vs. Aftermarket Parts

Genuine automobile spare parts are more expensive than their aftermarket counterparts. However, the higher cost is due to the design that matches the exact specifications of your vehicle. The latter might not be perfectly compatible, which can lead to problems.

Availability of Spare Parts

When purchasing a vehicle, it is crucial to determine if its spare parts are easily available in the market. Some automobiles have spare parts that have limited availability, which can affect the cost of maintenance and repairs in the long run.

Online Marketplaces

The rise of e-commerce has paved the way for online marketplaces specialising in selling automobile spare parts. These platforms offer a wide range of spare parts for different vehicles. This could be a solution when you don’t have access to the physical stores of auto electrical parts suppliers and dealers.

Recycling of Parts

Like other industries, the automobile industry also focuses on producing sustainable products and reducing waste. One of the ways to achieve this is by recycling spare parts and curbing the environmental impact.

Importance of Installation

Even using genuine auto spare parts, improper installation can lead to issues or accidents. It is vital to install them with the help of a certified mechanic who has experience working with the specific make and model.

Maintenance of Spare Parts

Regular maintenance determines the efficiency, optimal performance, and life of your spare parts and vehicle. We recommend following the manufacturer’s guidelines on maintenance and replacement for different parts.

Warranty on Auto Spare Parts

Genuine spare parts come with a warranty from the manufacturer. It is important to read the terms and conditions of the warranty to make an informed decision when buying the parts.

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