Top Factors That Get Impacted Due to Your Truck Power Source

Trucks are powered either by fuel or battery. Do you know what the most interesting thing about truck batteries is? They don’t require water addition during their service life! Batteries are one of the toughest things for anyone in the world to understand. From watches to trucks, everything is powered by batteries. They make life easy. There are many companies that deal in batteries, apart from selling TATA Truck Spares. Cells for quite a long time have been making scientists think about what exactly they can do with a battery to make it an overall better source of power. Today, we will discuss types of energy sources and will compare the battery power with other sources.

There are many advantages of batteries against other sources of energy such as fuel, but there are even some limitations that need to be addressed. Let us have a look at the benefits offered by truck batteries, and also the factors that get impacted due to the power source of your truck.

Top Factors That Get Impacted Due to Your Truck Power Source

Energy Storage

There are two types of batteries. One being rechargeable, another being not rechargeable. Batteries are the only source that can store energy for a long time, but in batteries, rechargeable batteries store energy for a much longer duration.


In most cases of health and airline equipment, we see batteries to be used instead of AC power. This is because batteries offer much better response time than an AC power source can. Not only AC power but even a Jet Engine or any other engine will take time to rev and generate the required energy.

Power Bandwith

In bikes, cars, trucks, and other fuel engines we see peak torque and peak power that is the RPM where the engine will perform the best, whereas a battery has a wide power band just like a diesel engine, where lower load and higher load both are entertained with the same efficiency. As the cells are more efficient, they can last for long whereas fuel can die fast if you use them inefficiently. All TATA Truck Spares, including truck batteries, must be utilized in an efficient manner to ensure durability.

Charge Time

This is one of the major disadvantages of the battery. A standard Lithium or Nickel based battery takes more than 3 hours to charge whereas a Lead Acid might take up to 14 to 20 hours. Talking about other sources of energy we can fuel the car in just 2 to 3 mins from the fuel station. This means that if by chance your battery dies you will have to wait for it to charge whereas with fuel you can simply refuel in a few minutes. On the off chance, that you ever got stranded on a highway due to a lack of battery energy, this point will be more relevant to your experience.


Most of the time, just like other TATA Truck Spares, you might think of selling used truck batteries to a dealer. However, if your truck battery has completely worn out then disposing of it is not easy. They need to be recycled so they don’t cause much harm to the environment. Disposing of a battery in the open ground is not safe, still, if you do it in small quantities, then it is acceptable, and you can easily dispose of it along with your household wastes.

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using the battery as a power source for your truck, while other power sources are also discussed above. Here you can gain cognizance of the fact that batteries are better or other power sources are better for powering your truck or any other vehicle.

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