How to Choose the Right Alternator for Your Vehicle?

How to Choose the Right Alternator for Your Vehicle?

Choosing the ideal alternator for your vehicle means understanding your vehicle’s total electrical load. One of the most common issues faced by vehicle owners is not being able to gauge the number of amps that need to be fed to the OEM electrical circuit. It results in vehicle failures or engine malfunction. Even though most vehicle owners keep some reserve power for smaller circuits, the high amperage consumed by accessories like the vehicle’s audio system can cause the electrical system to overwork. What is the solution to this problem, you ask? An alternator.

You may think the solution is simple, but selecting an appropriate alternator for your vehicle may be more complex. Before you purchase an alternator, you must consider various factors that would affect your vehicle. These include: whether you need an upgrade or not, what must be the appropriate size for the vehicle, and how to ensure that you are making good use of your new alternator. A simple-looking high-functioning alternator can offer the proper support to keep all catastrophes at bay.

Here are a few intricacies you must consider before investing in an alternator:

Mounting Style

Mounting the alternator to your vehicle is no cakewalk. It takes high accuracy and precision to mount the alternator appropriately. There are two known ways to install an alternator:

  • Hinge Mount: The hinge mounting style is identified using two mounting feet and one adjustable ear. It is primarily used on vehicles that have been in use for more than seven years.
  • Pad Mount: The Pad mounting style is used by almost all vehicles you see on the road. It has four mounting pads which bolt directly into the car’s engine block.

Brush vs. Brushless

The next crucial point to decide for your purchase is choosing between brush and brushless.

The usage of your vehicle decides whether you want a brush or not. If you plan to use an alternator for about two years, opting for a brush is best. Brushless will be better if you plan to use your vehicle for a long time, including coast-to-coast driving or trade cycles. Although you will be paying more than twice the price for a brushless, it will last for a very long time.

Alternator Output

All alternators are marked for maximum output. As alternators are rotational appliances, the output mark is roughly 5,000 RPMs, shaft speed. The alternator pulley installed in vehicles is comparatively smaller than the crankshaft pulley. Therefore, it turns much quicker than the engine RPM. It is a sign that the alternator is functioning at its maximum output when your speed is 65 mph.

The vehicle duty cycle is the most significant aspect to consider when deciding on the output unit. A truck that drives goods cross-borders will presumably be at highway speeds the entire time. Whereas a vehicle that drives inter-city, having a lot of hauls and resting, will thoroughly benefit from an alternator with maximum output at slow speeds.

Buy a High-efficiency Lucas TVS Alternator

Please note that an alternator is a device responsible for generating the electrical energy stored and consumed by your vehicle. Nowadays, vehicle owners prefer the superior quality Lucas TVS Alternator for their vehicles. It is so because of the plethora of benefits that Lucas TVS Alternator brings to the table. Lucas TVS alternators utilize the engine to create electricity to power the vehicle’s electrical load and recharge car batteries while the engine is still on.

Features of a Lucas TVS alternator:

  • It has an internal fan for efficient cooling.
  • It is compact
  • It comes with a multi-functioning regulator
  • It contains a high-temperature diode
  • It has solderless electrical joints for resistance
  • It is welded for better reliability
  • It has a built-in rectifier with a heavy load-managing capability

How to Make the Best Use of Your Alternator?

There are several ways in which you can gain optimum performance from your newly installed alternator:

  • Ensure your charged wire is of the right gauge.
  • Ensure that your tensioner and alternator belt are at optimal
  • Alternators are designed to function as smoothly as in reverse. Therefore, if you face space deficiency, you can place your alternator in the reverse direction.

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