Eicher Tractor Genuine Parts vs. Fake Parts Know the Difference

Eicher Tractor Genuine Parts vs. Fake Parts: Know the Difference

Utilising Eicher genuine parts when repairing and maintaining your Eicher tractor is essential for ensuring optimal performance, longevity, and safety. Certified Eicher farm truck parts are designed to fit perfectly inside the equipment. However, there are a lot of counterfeit or fake spare parts on the market, and these parts can put your tractor’s health and safety at risk. To assist you in making well-informed decisions regarding the upkeep of your equipment, we will examine the distinctions that exist between original Eicher tractor parts and counterfeit parts in the course of this guide.

What are Counterfeit Fake Spare Parts

Unauthorised copies of the original components that are manufactured and sold with the intention of deceiving customers are referred to as counterfeit or fake spare parts. These parts are intended to replicate the original parts yet are normally produced using unacceptable materials and made utilising second-rate processes.

By producing parts that are identical to those of trusted brands like Eicher and are less expensive to produce and sell, counterfeiters aim to take advantage of the brand’s popularity and reputation. Filters, belts, electrical parts, bearings, and engine parts are typical examples of counterfeit Eicher genuine parts. These counterfeit parts lack the quality, durability, and dependability that Eicher guarantees with its genuine parts, despite the fact that they may initially appear identical.

How Are Fake Parts Harmful?

Fire or Engine Failure Threat

In critical areas like the engine, the use of counterfeit parts can have serious repercussions. These engine parts can fail prematurely due to poor materials and manufacturing practices, resulting in engine fires or malfunctions. The exact design and quality control that goes into Eicher genuine parts guarantees that they perform dependably under specific conditions.

Damage To The Windshield

When the weather is bad, fake windshield glass and wipers can make it hard to see and stay safe. Counterfeit windshield components made of inferior materials may unexpectedly shatter, resulting in serious injuries or accidents. Certified Eicher tractor parts, including windscreen parts, go through thorough testing to satisfy security guidelines and international standards.

Failing Brakes

Fake brake cushions and parts represent a critical risk to the security of the vehicle and its operator. In order to keep control and have enough stopping power, brake systems are essential. When counterfeit brake components are used, braking efficiency can be compromised, resulting in increased stopping distances and the possibility of accidents. Genuine Eicher brake components are designed to meet stringent safety standards and provide consistent performance.

Electricity Risks

In your Eicher tractor, using counterfeit electrical components can pose serious electrical hazards. Unsatisfactory wiring, connectors, or electronic parts might fail without any notice, prompting electrical shorts, flames, or harm to the vehicle’s electrical framework. To ensure electrical safety and reliability, Eicher genuine parts undergo stringent quality control, protecting the tractor and its operators from potential dangers.

Compromised Structural Integrity

Your Eicher tractor’s overall strength and durability may be compromised by counterfeit structural components like chassis or frame parts. Substandard materials and poor assembling quality can prompt untimely wear and tear under typical working circumstances. Genuine Eicher spare parts are designed to exact standards and maintain the structural integrity required for safe and dependable operation in agricultural settings.

Diminished Wheel Rigidity

Wheel components that are counterfeit, such as rims, hubs, or bearings, may reduce the rigidity and stability of the wheels. Wheel wobbling, increased vibration, and steering instability, particularly during heavy-duty operations, can be caused by weak or improperly fitted wheel parts. The Eicher tractor parts are constructed to withstand the rigours of agricultural work, ensuring stable and smooth operation even in harsh environments.

How to Verify a Genuine Eicher Spare Part

Buy from Licensed Suppliers

Always buy Eicher genuine parts from reputable suppliers or authorised dealers. Genuine Eicher or certified OEM parts are offered by authorised dealerships, which adhere to stringent quality standards. Buying from such sources guarantees you get valid parts that meet Eicher’s tough quality standards.

Look For Holographic Packaging Or Labels

The presence of a unique serial number and hologram is one of the primary indicators that the spare part is original. Genuine components typically include labels or holographic stickers that counterfeiters cannot easily duplicate. If necessary, look for these markings and verify them with Eicher’s official records. These security features are typically absent from counterfeit parts, and their labels may also appear suspicious upon closer inspection.

Check The Quality And Specifics Of the Product

Think about the actual attributes and nature of the part with authentic Eicher details. Genuine parts typically feature durable materials, precise fitting, and superior craftsmanship. Be careful about parts that seem shaky, have harsh edges, or show unreliable signs, as these are normal characteristics of fake items.

QR code

QR codes can be scanned with a smartphone or QR code reader on many contemporary Eicher genuine parts. Information about the product, such as its manufacturing details and authenticity verification, can be accessed immediately using these QR codes. The authenticity of the original components will be confirmed by QR codes that link to official Eicher databases. It’s probably a sign of a fake part if the QR code takes you to untrusted or unknown websites.

RFID Labels

RFID tags are yet another advanced security measure that Eicher employs to combat counterfeiting. RFID labels contain remarkable electronic data that can be perused utilising particular gadgets. RFID technology may be used in original Eicher tractor parts to provide real-time tracking and verification. To ensure the part’s authenticity, look for RFID tags embedded within or attached to the item.


An unusually low price is one of the most telltale signs of a counterfeit spare part. Parts from Eicher are more expensive because they are made with high-quality materials and precise engineering. It’s probably a fake if you find a part at a significantly lower price than what the market usually charges. Cheap prices are a common tactic used by counterfeiters to entice unsuspecting customers.


Examine the terms of the part’s warranty. A manufacturer’s warranty typically comes with Eicher genuine parts, guaranteeing performance and quality. Counterfeit parts, on the other hand, typically do not come with a warranty or have terms that are either ambiguous or unreliable. A strong sign of authenticity is a valid warranty from Eicher or an authorised dealer.


Always buy Eicher tractor parts from certified suppliers, authorised dealerships, or reputable retailers. Street vendors, online marketplaces with questionable reputations, and unidentified sources should be avoided. Parts supplied by authorised sellers are guaranteed to be authentic and adhere to stringent quality standards. When you buy Eicher parts from a reputable vendor, you can rest assured that they will be genuine and up to par with the brand’s quality requirements.

Consult a Professional

Consult a certified Eicher service centre or experienced mechanics if you are unsure about a component’s authenticity. Based on their knowledge and expertise, they can offer useful insights and aid in confirming the part’s authenticity.

What Should You Do If You Find a Fake or Counterfeit Part?

Recognising a fake Eicher spare part is essential for keeping up with the safety and security of your gear. Here’s what you should do if you think you’ve encountered a fake part:

1. Stop Using It Immediately

To avoid additional harm or risks to safety, stop using the suspected counterfeit component. Mechanical failures and potential warranty issues are possible outcomes of using counterfeit parts consistently.

2. Make A Record And Gather Evidence

Keep track of every important detail, including the part’s packaging, appearance, and any distinguishing characteristics. Take photos or recordings that plainly show the fake part and keep associated documentation or receipts.

3. Report to Specialists

The counterfeit part should be reported to the appropriate authorities, such as Eicher’s customer service department or the local police. To assist in their investigation, provide them with comprehensive information and evidence.

4. Get In Touch With The Supplier Of Genuine Parts

Connect with a reputed Eicher genuine parts dealer for help. Parts’ authenticity can be checked and replacement options can be offered by authorised dealerships or reputable suppliers.

5. Spread Awareness

Make people aware of the dangers posed by counterfeit parts by sharing your experience with other Eicher tractor owners and operators. To safeguard their equipment and ensure their safety, encourage others to purchase genuine parts from authorised sources.

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