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Grease by ENI

Grease by ENI

Whether you are lubricating with oil or grease, the principle of lubrication is all about acting as a thickening agent and form a semi-solid product, which means building an oil film between two mating surfaces and prevent them from touching is the ultimate principle and achieving this you cannot reduce just friction but even prevent wear caused by direct surface to surface contact.. But when it comes to grease, it is simply much more than any other oil. In the earlier times, grease was simply used as animal and human fats while currently they are used to lubricate closed bearing systems, steering gears or any other heavy types of equipment.

Now grease these days mainly comprises of petroleum or synthetic oil used in numerous industrial applications such as silicones. We at Krishna Auto Electric aim to offer a high range of products like Grease by ENI. ENI is an acknowledged world leader in lubricants technology that manufactures base oil to processing and blending finished lubricants.

Our products can help in keeping your appliances running with a minimum downtime. To know more, connect with our professionals right away!

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It may even interest you to know that new research, development between numerous car makers and lubricating manufacturers has resulted in bringing out high performing engines like Engine Oil by ENI. So before you buy any oil just make sure that you are doing something good for your engine.

Further speaking of Grease by ENI, we offer :-


NLGI 3 For higher bearing protection and improved service, a superior high-performance lithium Grease is formulated

Benefits & Advantages

✔ Great anti-rust and anti-corrosion property, which not only enables greater bearing protection but also enables a high level of lubricity which ultimately reduces bearing failure in high operating condition and load.

✔ It's unique formulation resists prolonged mechanical stress for a longer time, resulting increased service life.

✔ Recommended for use in all automotive wheel bearings of commercial vehicles, passenger cars, and tractors.

✔ Available in pack sizes: 180, 20, 7, 5, 3, 2, 1 kgms.


Tenacious grease with excellent performance

Benefits & Advantages

✔ Lithium based grease available with EP additives

✔ Performs exceptionally well even with heavily pulsating loads

✔ Recommended for all plain bearings, heavily loaded bearings and roller bearings even when operating at high temperatures

✔ Available in pack sizes: 180 & 20 kg.

Selecting the correct lubricating oil is the most important factor worth considering. Therefore, it is always advisable to choose Grease by ENI which offers trouble-free grease lubrication for the longer run. If you are in doubt or want to know more regarding greases, get in touch with our helpdesk or professional for proper assistance.


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