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Top 5 DIY Car Maintenance Tips with Auto Electrical Spares

The car has become an integral part of human life. For some, it is the part of their families while for some, an integral part of their business, providing them smooth mobility. So, it will remain the best pal for everyone. Therefore, the car should be well maintained and remain tip-top shape to enjoy your every ride like a brand new.

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All You Need to Know about Electrical Components in Car

Gone were the days when cars and other vehicles had no electrical components. Headlights and backlights were powered by gas, the driver had to use the crank to start the engine while the bell was used instead of horns. However, by 1920 almost all car companies had introduced a battery-run electrical starter.

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Tips to Select Perfect Hydraulic Fluid

The long-lasting performance of your hydraulic machines depends on the quality of hydraulic fluid you use in the machine. There is no rocket science to decide whether which lubricates will be the best suited for your hydraulic machine -it all depends on hydraulic system & application and viscosity grade. Above all, the most confusing part of this entire episode is that there are various but different types of hydraulic lubricant available in the market and all products may not be optimal for the hydraulic application.

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All You Need to Know about Lucas TVS Starter Motor

When it comes to the starter motor, Lucas TVS starter motor stands first in the list. Apart from two-wheeler and cars, the starter motor device is used for stop-start function in most industrial plants. However, there are so many interesting things to know about the starter motor. It is interesting to know about the starter motor which you use every day, but do not know how it functions and when it started.

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Hydraulic Oil vs Mineral Oil – Everything You Should Know

If you have questions like:

What is hydraulic oil or hydraulic fluid? What are its applications?
What is mineral oil and what are its applications?
How are both different from each other?

You are at the right place. It is what we will be discussing here in this post.

So let us start with the two fundamental questions:

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What is a Timing Belt?

You will see that cars nowadays consists of 4 stroke gas motors. This is on account of the combustion procedure that has an admission stroke, compression stroke, power stroke, & exhaust stroke. All through the 4 stroke cycle, you will see that the camshaft turns once & the crankshaft pivots twice. The connection between the turn of the camshaft & crankshaft is what’s known as “mechanical timing.”

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Automotive Parts

It isn’t amazing how car proprietors are conned a ton of cash when they call merchants to get them car accessories. This is on account that most people never take time to look around. It sounds dull and tedious however it is a decent method for getting reliable and good quality car accessories at reasonable costs. Costs of auto components are evaluated too high basically in light of the fact that the customer is oblivious concerning the automobile parts and their costs. It’s a high time that light be shed to auto proprietors who are in the market to purchase car accessories. A little direction maybe could open up the eyes of car proprietors. Here are a couple of things that you should remember before buying automobile parts and auto accessories.

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